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Huatian hotel: ancient health roast sheep back The secret of groping

Date: 2014-12-06

Huatian hotel ancient regimen roast sheep back option is the growth of sheep, after the slaughter of the back part of its, put inside with dozens of seasoning liquid of Chinese herbal medicine for a day or so.Then, the marinated sheep back into the oven to bake 3 hours.Looks red with golden color, smelling fragrance waft, baked smell of mutton full of prairie grass bouquet, meat fat fresh, no XingShan feeling.Is lamb eat and preserve one's health of soup, collocation to the more than ten kinds of Chinese herbal medicine and chicken stew for four hours, the soup into essence,?It is a little slow?
Secret groping speck, also is one of the girls will eat dish, bleeding in the pure water bubble water, and then processed into medium, add ice water for an hour and chew up is very flexible, not fat is very refreshing.
In this cold winter day in China hotel tasting the roast sheep back and secret pork!!!!Not only can meet the double enjoyment of the tip of the tongue and palate, but also because of its unique beauty invigorate the circulation and temperature of warm inferior efficacy let your body get tonic.