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Paris huatian China city grand opening to China embassy officials to attend

Date: 2012-12-05

The European times HuangGuanJie reported on October 12,, was LvFa nation long-term focus on the river Seine in Paris and marne interchange, hunan huatian group over former guangdong China city was renamed "China city huatian hotel", the first investment of 25 million euros for more than a year to decorate transformation, look brand-new, the standard of practice.China's embassy to DengLi minister, male and WuXiLin business, LiJingSheng first secretary, the China national tourism administration office director in Paris, France XueGuiFeng chinese-invested enterprises association PanNuo, France international amounting (general manager SaiErRi · porcher, France 94 province governor Pierre dall d, 94 provincial council vice chairman, investment agency director PASCAL saghir, woll Daly, senator, anfo city mayor luc Carl oona si, Congressman, anfo municipal honorary mayor Michael · Lou cover etc in the guest, LvFa method of nation, Chinese organization representative attended the opening ceremony.The ZhangXiaoBei presidents, vice presidents ZhongCheng also to congratulate.

Group to attend the opening ceremony of the rate of Chinese huatian industrial holdings group co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors ChenJiMing pointed out in his speech, Paris, France, China city huatian hotel is huatian group in the European made the first delicate card, is the group of "the one hundred huatian, China open world" century dream of a historic step.Group in promoting hunan "xiang" gone with the wind the world and make Chinese in Paris home the idea, will be far east culture zone to Paris, let in the guest feel around with hunan characteristics of service culture and eastern culture and the deep, let every guest can be found here, meticulous care of the warmth of home.

DengLi minister on behalf of kong quan ambassador and Chinese embassy to France huatian hotel opening to China city congratulations.He points out that huatian group as the Midwest enterprise go to Paris, from one side that shows that the Midwest provinces in western China rise strategy has driven by economic and social development achievements and shows strong economic strength, is the sino-french local cooperation in the new achievement, the mutually beneficial cooperation is a new step.He believes that, in the joint efforts of method, huatian hotel and China town in order to guide the development of France and hunan province and China local cooperation will have more fruitful.

PanNuo on behalf of the President of France chinese-invested enterprises association, dall doubs long representative 94 provinces, gaza woll Daly vice chairman, Carl oona amounting (on behalf of the mayor of the city, on behalf of anfo to huatian China open city congratulations.French representative agreement to huatian group investment French welcome and thank, and will, as always, support the development of huatian in France.

According to introducing, huatian group is a hotel industry as the core, to cover travel agencies, tourist scenic spot, decorative property, machinery manufacturing and other areas of provincial comprehensive large-scale tourism group.The first group was founded in 1988 high star-rated hotel, was established in 1995 huatian international hotel management company, listed in 1996 as a success.The group high star hotel more than sixty in hunan 14 city state and Beijing, shenzhen, changchun, wuhan and major cities in China;And of "the China hotel group and strong" and "global hotel group 300 strong", become the Midwest region's largest national hotel brand.

Huatian hotel early Chinese city called "sino-french economic and cultural communication center", general term "guangdong China city", 1989 by guangdong guangdong group financing construction, building area of 46000 square meters, including a 185 - room three-star hotel, 7000 square meters of the shopping mall, 3000 square meters of the warehouse, 1000 square meters of office buildings and 500 underground parking Spaces on the river Seine, it is only a have Chinese architectural style of tourism place, but as a result of poor management, the Chinese city of years of losses, a few easy its hand.In 2010, hunan huatian group over Paris Chinatown, retain French name CHINA GORA, and registered in Paris huatian hotel.Huatian group initial $25 million euros for hotel and restaurant decorated the transformation.The hotel has 185 rooms, divided into luxury floor, business floor and casino floor.The guest rooms adopt classical Chinese style design, with independent natural lighting the balcony, can have a marne, Seine river landscape and garden hotel.After the transformation of the restaurant called "huatian JinGe", Chinese style restaurant is divided into multi-function hall, zero restaurants and luxurious room floor, provide banquet, buffet, business banquets, group meals and zero scattered by the Chinese meal, by master chefs hunan specialty.The second phase transformation will start soon.Will the original stores and warehouse transformation for luxury hotel suites, multi-function entertainment hall, multi-function hall, conference center, etc.At the same time transformation garden and garage.