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'Xiao xiang huatian' restaurant: to build the most hunan characteristics of 'food feast'

Date: 2010-03-08

Rednet (changsha on March 5th dispatch (reporter LiuYiBin) MaoShi braise in soy sauce meat, steamed xiangxi bacon, liuyan cuttlefish brittle bamboo shoots, green pepper Fried YouXian smoked bean curd, beating pepper preserved egg... A mouthwatering classic hunan queue forme on the table, the vegetables joss-stick and tangy. This afternoon, and bo grand opera - "2010 Shanghai world expo hunan dishes, snacks commenting" held in changsha huatian hotel, the famous master of hunan WangMoQuan rate four senior cook at the stage. In the hunan cuisine, snacks once through the hunan experts and the leadership of the strict review, will enter the international horticultural expo garden, let all over the world festival visitors, show the hunan cuisine unique charm.

Into the Po hunan cuisine: essence of life to carry fine anthology "hunan taste"

In order to collection the province people's wisdom, choose the most hunan characteristics of hunan dishes and snacks, hunan province to participate in the 2010 Shanghai world expo organizing committee of hunan province, hunan industry promotion association, hunan huatian hotel co., LTD. Jointly held at the beginning and bo hunan dishes, hunan characteristics snacks solicitation.

Solicitation requirements, applied the dishes and snacks is not only can fully represent the highest level of hunan food, accord with color, aroma, taste, meaning and form, raising requirement features of works, and must be not to use contain hormone, pigment and other harmful substances Lord accessories, in principle, do not use MSG, chicken as seasoning of food.

Through the solicitation, host from the social from all walks of life has won many good opinion and the suggestion, collected into the Po restaurant dishes and snacks candidate types and varieties. In order to further improve food and snacks all aspects of requirements, can reach to the Shanghai world expo bureau and the relevant provisions of the restaurant management's request, and can best embody characteristics of hunan culture, host of special invited the hunan cuisine and senior master chef in hunan huatian held "2010 Shanghai world expo projects hunan dishes, snacks commenting".

"Xiao xiang huatian" restaurant: to build the most hunan characteristics of "food feast"

The world expo, hunan huatian is the only one we get the world expo ticket restaurant enterprises, as the nation's top catering industry, the province's largest restaurant business enterprise, huatian inclusion is considered to be in favor with the public.

During the expo, set up the international horticultural expo garden a area of about 450 square meters of hunan exhibition and the area of about 150 square meters of food court hunan snacks will be authorized to huatian management, in the hunan huatian will go to the world in the process of bear bannerman again.

Huatian received from Shanghai world expo bureau sure letter on, hunan huatian show preparation work in carrying forward. In February, hunan huatian completed the integral design of the exhibition hall, in the hunan museum ecological "urban land of peach blossoms" concept extensions, hunan exhibition officially named "xiao xiang huatian" restaurant, restaurant to hunan horsehead walls and xiangxi diaojiao building as a whole decoration style, hall, between the holder with perfect small Bridges, make visual effect more ecological and abound change. With pepper as the basic elements, combined with Chinese red porcelain production process of synthetic luminous base is the most appropriate hunan exhibition hall of the mark.

April 1, huatian will formally established exhibition hall, for 184 days of hunan business, for the tourists to unforgettable dining experience.